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Make Nine – 2017 round up, 2018 plans

I was late joining the #makenine 2017 bandwagon – I think I first posted in May about the nine patterns I was hoping to get done in the year. I did a hunt through yesterday, and discovered that I made eight of the nine patterns I’d selected. The Sammi Pants pattern was the only one I didn’t get around the making. Most of these patterns are now in my regular rotation, and I plans to make many more of them in 2018 (and probably beyond, based on the amount of fabric currently in my stash… 🙈🙈🙈)

2017-12-29 18.11.57 I did also add quite a number of other patterns to my collection that weren’t on the Make Nine list. All of these ones are in my regular rotation, and there will be many more of these appearing in my wardrobe during 2018 and beyond.

2017-12-29 22.57.34 Now for my Make Nine plans for 2018. I had to think for a while whether I was going to have time to commit to the full nine for 2018. I’m going to be making the bridesmaids dresses 👗 👗👗 for my sisters wedding 👰 (I’m the maid of honour), which is going to take a fair bit of time. But, I’ve spent the last couple of days making another practice version and I don’t think that the bridesmaid dresses are going to be as time consuming as I first thought – so I’ve selected nine patterns (including the one for the bridesmaids dresses) and here they are…

2017-12-30 19.34.59 None of the links in this post are affiliate links, I’m just sharing where I sourced my patterns from in case you’d like to check them out for yourself.

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My journey of Skirt

As you can see from my recent fabric shopping haul I'm on something of a skirt journey at the moment. I haven't worn skirts for years, I was convinced they didn't suit me. I think mainly because I was always buying and wearing skirts like these…

In fact I've made View C of that pattern and it has languished in my wardrobe for over a year and never been worn – it's now in the 'donate pile' to see if it belongs in someone else's life.

Clearly yoked skirts that are form-fitting down to the hips then flare out with any kind of volume are just a no-go on me 🙅🏼🙅🏼

During my wardrobe planning exercise back in May (away for work with no sewing machine – I bought a LOT of patterns 🙊) I challenged myself to work out what I wanted in a skirt and to find at least one pattern that ticked my boxes…

Much time spent was trawling Pinterest, Google image search and Instagram before I settled on a the design elements I wanted in my skirt:

  • Waistband to sit at my high waist, but not so high it was empire.
  • Pockets (naturally 💁🏼)
  • Box pleats
  • Zip waist not elastic.

Once I'd worked out what I was looking for it actually wasn't as hard to find patterns that ticked the boxes.

First up – the Upton Skirt hack. How convenient that I'd already picked the Upton as my 'Woven Sleeveless Dress', and the hack didn't involve purchasing any more pattern pieces, just the download of some instructions from the Cashmerette Blog (well done, economical me!).

My next find was the Style Arc Candice, which surprise, surprise is very similar to the Upton Skirt, but with less volume, and stitched down pleats.

And last but not least (for now, anyway) is the Style Arc Emily. Not at all what I thought I'd find when I started my skirt hunt, but it ticks all the design boxes, and I'm interested to see how making it up goes – the front panel looks like it may require a Masters Degree in Origami to get right…

Challenge Accepted 👊🏻